●Show pub pink soda of the new half / Gay bar in Chiba
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Address Kan Building 2F Fujimi 2-23-6 Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi

п@ 043-201-0188

Show time Please check by phone.

○ Business hours
From 8:30 p.m. to Last

○ Regular holiday
Sundays and holidays
(is excluded on Fridays and Saturdays … It is it on a transfer day)
Business day change

We will be open on Autumnal equinox Day on Saturday, September 23th.
We will be closed on Monday, September 25th.

The news of the show change

Monday, June 5
Transsexual & female transvestite
Boy Recruitment Notice

・Female transvestite
・ MTF,FTM,Transgender
・ 20 years old and over
・ No experience required
・ Those who can work for a long time

* For details, please contact TEL 043-201-0188 (after 20:00).

Update September 23.2023
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